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Michigan Regulator Launches Illegal Gambling Crackdown

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Last updated: 29.01.2024
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As we report here on MichiganCasinoPros.com, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has issued cease and desist letters to three gaming operators illegally accepting MI players. According to the MGCB, PredictionStrike, Stake.US, and VGW Luckyland have been offering internet gaming and sports betting without a license, promoting an unlicensed online lottery, and conducting illegal gambling activities, respectively. 

MGCB Executive Director Henry Williams explained the measures were taken to protect Michigan players and deter illegal operators from appearing in the state. “Gambling regulations are in place for a reason, and illegal gambling operations are not welcome in Michigan,” Williams said. 

“We do not want businesses who skirt the law having access to Michigan citizens and leaving them vulnerable because they are playing on unregulated sites that leave them with no recourse and that siphon funds away from communities because they are not paying taxes like a regulated, legal gambling establishment, would.”

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Michigan gambling is governed by the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and the Lawful Sports Betting Act, which states that only licensed sportsbooks and casinos can offer internet gaming and sports betting. Michigan Gaming Control Board oversees and regulates casinos and sportsbooks.

American Gaming Association CEO Bill Miller lauded the efforts on X (formerly known as Twitter), saying, “States do have the power to fight back against illegal online gambling sites—and Michigan Gaming Control Board is proving it. More states must follow their lead if we want to protect consumers across the country. Hats off to the MGCB on their continued leadership.”

As a result of these findings, all three operators have ceased serving customers in Michigan, with VGW announcing its departure last November. The move is part of a broader crackdown on illegal operators, including social casinos. In November, the MGCB and Attorney General worked to push Golden Hearts Gaming out of the state after it was found to have breached state law.