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Online Video Poker in Michigan

If you are hunting online casino profits, the negative house edge potential of video poker will be right up your street. In this guide, we will introduce you to video poker, where it is you vs. the machine. Build your knowledge and gain the skill to create the best winning video poker hands. Our team of experts will also introduce you to the best video poker variants and the leading Michigan online casinos where you can play them.

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Last updated: 04.04.2024
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Understanding Online Video Poker

Land-based casinos in the 1970s were looking to expand their games by combining technology and tradition. The result was video poker, a new way to enjoy poker by virtualizing the game. A video poker game is a combination of poker gameplay with the presentation of a slot machine. With the rise of online casinos in the early 21st century, online poker was ready-made for casino websites.

Slots are popular but are games of pure luck. Video poker adds elements of skill, such as hand knowledge, and it also has a low house edge. And because this is essentially poker at its core, you can learn the main poker rules and play them on video poker or standard poker tables. For players in Michigan, video poker allows you to play fast card games on your own and even potentially beat the house.

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Standard poker uses psychological elements with bluffing, so you can potentially win with a worse hand than the opponent. In video poker, you play an RNG computer that you cannot bluff. Only the best cards win.

Top Video Poker Casinos – March 2024

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A Video Poker Demo game

Basic Rules and How to Play

There are many different variants of video poker, but they all follow similar gameplay rules. That means if you learn the basic rules of video poker, you can use them in any game. Knowing how to play video poker will also give you a broad understanding of standard poker games. Like all forms of poker, video machines are card games where your objective is to build the best hand possible. These include:

  • Royal Flush – Five consecutive cards 10 to Ace from the same suit.
  • Straight Flush – Any five consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Four of a Kind – Any four cards of the same value (such as four 10s).
  • Full House – Three equal-value cards of different suits and any pair.
  • Flush – Five cards from the same suit in any order.
  • Straight – Five cards of any suit in numerical order.
  • Three of a Kind – Any three cards of the same value.
  • Two Pair – Two sets of two cards of the same value (such as two 8s and two 9s).
  • One Pair – Any two cards of the same value.
  • High Card – The best value card you have. This is the worst winning hand and is not available in some poker games.
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Some video poker variants will not accept certain winning hands. For example, it is rare for a high card to be a winning hand in video poker.

How to Play Video Poker

Follow the steps below to start playing video poker with confidence:

  • Step 1: Select your Video Poker Game: Select one of the leading Michigan online casinos we list on this page. Register with the casino, deposit funds, and head to the game lobby to select a video poker game.
  • Step 2: Read the rules/paytable: There are many different video poker variants, and payout rates also differ. Software providers include game rules and a paytable to tell you winning hand combinations and how much the payout is.
  • Step 3: Make your bet: Video poker interfaces have arrows or -/+ signs that allow you to adjust your bet up or down. An average bet scale is between $.10 and $100 per hand, but some machines go lower and higher than this.
  • Step 4: Start Playing: Click the “Deal” button to start the hand. You now receive your cards and select which ones you wish to keep and which you want to discard. Once you are ready, click “Draw” to take new cards to replace those you chose to remove.
  • Step 5: The result: Check your hands and see if your hand wins. In most video poker games, simply having a paying hand results in a win, as you are not usually playing against another hand. We recommend learning poker hand-winning combinations before you start playing.
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Knowing winning combinations will help you build better hands by understanding which cards to keep or discard.

Popular Online Video Poker Variants available in Michigan

If you are looking to play video poker in MI, the casinos we select have awesome selections. But remember, video poker is a diverse game with many variants. Below are the most popular types of video poker online:

Deuces Wild

Perhaps the most popular form of video poker, Deuces Wild makes all 2 values cards wild. This means that any 2 you have can replace any other card to help form a winning hand. If you have two queens and a 2 in your hand, you can use the 2 to make it a three-of-a-kind queen.

Jacks or Better

A beginner-friendly video poker variant, Jacks or Better is simple and has one winning outcome: build a hand that is a pair of Jacks or better. You can swap cards once, but the golden rule is to match or beat a Jack pair.

Joker Poker

In this fun version, the Joker card (which is usually removed from a poker deck) comes into play. That means there are 53 cards during a hand, and the Joker is a wild. It will replace any other card to help improve your hand. A King pair is the lowest possible winning hand in Joker Poker.

All Aces Poker

As the name suggests, this game focuses on Aces. Specifically, if you get four-of-a-kind Acs, you will get a much bigger payout. Other winning combinations are available but without the bonus. Two pair wins are worth 50% less to offset the bigger payout potential.

Strategies to Improve Your Game

Video poker is pretty easy to learn, but the game is so much more than understanding the rules. Beyond the core mechanics, you need to understand how to play poker. While you cannot control the cards and are relying on the luck of the draw, you can use skill to boost your chances. Below are some simple tips to help you grow into a confident video poker player:

  • Learn the Basics: You will get nowhere without a fundamental understanding of the rules. Learn the basic video poker rules and memorize winning hands in poker before you start playing.
  • Play for Free: Most online casinos allow players to access RNG games like video poker for free. While you cannot win real money, you can practice games and hand-building without the risk of losing your bankroll.
  • Bet Maximum Coins: In an ideal situation – and if your budget allows – bet the maximum number of coins on each hand. Even though difficult, a Royal Flush will pay massive amounts if you max out the bet.
  • Learn Paytables: Software developers put twists on standard poker hand payouts and have different returns across variants. Before playing a game, learn the paytable to know how much you can win for certain hand combinations.
  • Try Strategy Charts: While betting systems do not guarantee wins, strategy charts can be more useful. A chart simply highlights what decisions (hold or discard) are best for specific hand combinations.

Poker vs. Video Poker: Understanding the Differences

Video poker is based on standard poker but does take deviations, some more obvious than others. Here are the main ways the two differ:

  • Machine not Player: In video poker, you play against a Random Number Generator (RNG), which randomizes all results. You only play your hand, while in normal poker, you play against other players and their hands.
  • No Betting Rounds: In standard poker, there are several rounds of betting as players make decisions whether to fold, raise, or call. In video poker, there is just one round of betting, and then you choose to keep or discard cards before seeing if you win or not.
  • No Bluffing: The classic view of poker is a psychological game where opponents bluff each other to get the upper hand. In video poker, there is no bluffing as you play on software that is not capable of falling to trickery.
  • Fixed Payouts: In video poker, you know how much you can win from specific hands before playing. Normal poker has prize pots that change depending on how many chips are on the table.

Where to Play Online Video Poker in Michigan

Online casinos have been legal in Michigan since 2021, and since then, many top iGaming brands have opened their virtual doors in the Great Lakes State. That means players in MI have access to the best online video poker machines from leading software providers. Below are the top casinos in Michigan to play video poker:

FanDuel casino logo


Launching in Michigan in January 2021 through a partnership with MotorCity Casino, FanDuel gives new players up to $1000 cashback on losses when they register. There are over 200 games covering video poker, slots, and live dealer games. FanDuel supports fast withdrawals that can clear instantly once the casino approves a transaction.

BetMGM Logo


If you are hunting for the most generous bonus, BetMGM Casino is a good bet as it offers new players 100% up to $1,000 and $25 in no deposit free play. You can use your bonus funds on video poker games, including Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. BetMGM has been available in MI since debuting in January 2021 in a partnership with MGM Grand Detroit.

DraftKings logo


Over 1,000 games means DraftKings Casino is ideal if you like video poker flexibility alongside slots and exclusive live dealer tables. DraftKings allows you to play real money games with a minimum deposit of $5. Register to claim $25 no deposit casino credits and $100 in credits when you bet $5. DraftKings Michigan launched in January 2021 and partners with Bay Mills Resort.


Is online video poker legal in Michigan?

Of course, video poker is completely legal in Michigan at regulated land-based and licensed online casinos. The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) oversees online casinos in the state, and casinos have been offering video poker online since 2021.

Can I play online video poker for free?

Yes, but it depends on the casino you choose. Video poker software providers do offer demo versions of their games. You cannot win real money, but you can use free play to practice.

How do you play video poker online?

Choose a video poker game from a top MI online casino. Open the game, and read the rules and paytable. Make your bet with the adjustment controls and click “Deal”. When you receive your cards, choose which to keep or discard and check to see if your hand wins.

What are the odds of winning video poker online?

It depends on the variant, but video poker has a low house edge. It can range from 0.5% to 5.0% but is usually towards the lower end of that range. Video poker is the only online casino game that can have a negative house edge, which means an RTP of over 100%

Is video poker a game of skill or luck?

A little bit of both, but you cannot win without luck. That’s because you cannot control which cards you receive in your hand. However, when you do have cards, it takes skill and knowledge to build a winning hand.